A Love So Beautiful (2020)

A Love So Beautiful (2020)

Other name: To Our Pure Little Beauty A Love So Beautiful Korean Chiamundansunjeogsomiho Chiamundansunjeoksomiho For Us Who are Beautiful Aleumdawossdeon Uliege 치아문단순적소미호


Cha Heon is a student at Chun Ji High School who has both good looks and brains. He appears to be a cold character but he is actually someone with a warm heart but can’t express himself well. Shin Sol Yi is a bright and bubbly 17-year-old who has a crush on Cha Heon. She openly confesses her love to Cha Heon constantly. She is a clumsy but lovable character. Woo Dae Sung is a talented swimmer who transfers to Chun Ji High School and falls for Shin Sol Yi. He hides his feelings for her and quietly stays by her side.



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