Anata wa Dandan Hoshikunaru (2022)

Anata wa Dandan Hoshikunaru (2022)

Other name: You Will Gradually Want More


Suzuki Kirara lived in a cafe owned by her housemate, Ono Nozomi, and worked part-time while working every day. One day, Kirara was invited by Homura Shin, who she met for some reason, to come to his company. Homura was the production manager of Lefon Retailing, a company that runs TV shopping programs. At the studio where Kirara was guided, “The Shopping SHOW” by hot-selling navigator Kaieda Asuka and Legend Matsushita is being broadcast live. Homura tells unexpected words when he passes by the big actor Matsumiya Takeshi who is the presenter of the program in the corridor, and Kirara who feels like a tour is very excited.



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