Gossip: #Kanojo ga Shiritai Honto no 〇〇 (2022)

Gossip: #Kanojo ga Shiritai Honto no 〇〇 (2022)

Other name: Gossip: #The Real 〇〇 That She Wants To Know GOSSIP – #What she wants to know Gossip: #The Real [Censor] That She Wants To Know The Gossip Is Not Footless


“Camphor NEWS” is an online news media site run by a large publishing company. Their incompetent editorial staff writes articles consisting mainly of rearranged news items and comments lifted from other news sites. As their site attracts a low number of page views, it is deemed unprofitable by their parent company. Seko Ririko transferred from the Accounting Dept to the Camphor NEWS’ editorial team. She is on a mission to boost website traffic, aiming to reach 50 million views by simply writing gossip.

Director: Director: Ishikawa Junichi


Status: Ongoing

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