Kurosagi (2022)

Kurosagi (2022)

Other name: クロサギ The Black Swindler


When Kurosaki Koshiro was 15 years old, his father was a victim in a fraud case. His father tried to kill all his family members including himself. Kurosaki Koshiro was the only family member to have survived. Due to his painful past, Kurosaki Koshiro decides to take revenge on swindlers who cheat people and take their money. This becomes his purpose to live. Kurosaki Koshiro seems like an ordinary young man, who raises black cat Kuro. But, Kurosaki Koshiro doesn’t trust people and lives a lonely life. Meeting with various people, he also faces his past.

Director: Director: Ishii Yasuharu [石井康晴], Tanaka Kenta [田中健太], Hirano Shunichi [平野 俊一]


Status: Ongoing

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