Love in Flames of War (2022)

Love in Flames of War (2022)

Other name: Good Days and Good Scenery Liang Chen Hao Jing Zhi Ji He


During the period of the Republic of China, the cardamom talented girl Lin Hang Jing was imprisoned because of her father’s murder. She went to her father’s friend, Xiao Da Shuai. Although she was under the fence, she was not humble or overbearing. Xiao Bei Chen, the overbearing third young master of the Xiao family, had bullied her from the very beginning to gradually becoming attracted by her strong independence. Xiao Da Shuai sent his son to study at the military academy to train his son, and Qi Yi Niang promised to match him with Hang Jing when he graduated. After five years of hard work, under the strict training of instructors, Xiao Bei Chen, who experienced the life and death of the war, grew from a mixed world demon to an iron-blooded soldier. After returning from school, he helped his father clean up the army, and wanted to propose to Lin Hang Jing, but unexpectedly learned that she had fallen in love with the passionate young Mu Zi. heng. Because of Lin’s father’s sudden distress, Xiao Bei Chen and Lin Hang Jing agreed to marry to save Lin’s father. After marriage, the two experienced all kinds of hardships, from alienation to gradually becoming emotional, but due to misunderstanding, Hang Jing disappeared in a fire. After seven years of life and death, the Anti-Japanese War broke out. Lin Hang Jing, who had joined the patriotic organization, returned to Beixincheng and persuaded Xiao Bei Chen to unite in the resistance against Japan. Muzi became a Japanese eagle dog because of her mother’s illness. He repeatedly harmed Xiao Bei Chen, and Hang Jing followed Xiao Bei Chen to death. In the end, the two of them resolved their misunderstandings, beacon of truth, and joined hands to protect their homeland.

Director: Director: Chung Shu Kai, Zeng Li Zhen


Status: Ongoing

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