Marriage Lyrics For Divorce Music (2021)

Marriage Lyrics For Divorce Music (2021)

Other name: Marriage Lyrics Divorce Composition Marriage Story Love (featuring Marriage and Divorce) Love (feat. Marriage and Divorce) Marriage Lyrics and Divorce Music Marriage Lyrics For Divorce Music Gyeolhoniyagi Gyeolhonjagsa Ihonjaggog Gyeolhon Yiyagi 결혼 이야기


Three vibrant and successful women who work on a radio show have something in common: a happy marriage. Bubbly host Boo Hye Ryung is in her thirties and has been married to the handsome lawyer Pan Sa Huyn for three years. This busy couple remains child-free by choice. Sa Huyn was first taken with her after seeing her play the drums. Sa Pi Young is a hard-working producer for the show. In her forties, she has always done her best to take care of her home, daughter, and her charming husband, Shin Yoo Shin, psychiatrist and hospital director of the neuropsychiatry department. By anyone’s measure, Pi Young is the ideal wife. The show’s dedicated writer Lee Si Eun, now in her fifties, has been married for thirty years to her sweet professor husband and they share two pre-teens. Park Hae Ryoon is now the dean of the Theatre and Film Department at Sun Jin University. Lee Si Eun made many sacrifices in order to support her husband’s dream of becoming a film professor early in their marriage. Seo Ban, the show’s sound technician is single, a man of few words who keeps a tight lid on his private life. He is a man of mystery to his curious colleagues. Three equally successful women will prove to be the unraveling of each of their so-called ‘happy marriages.’ Song Won is divorced, a skilled literary translator of Chinese, and lawyer Sa Hyun’s mature gym partner. A Mi is single in her twenties and has spent the last two years shuttling between South Korea and the US in order to complete her studies. A shared airplane seat and a love of horses bring her and the doctor together. Add into the mix, Yoo Shin’s unusual relationship with his father’s new wife, a classy, well-kept woman who raised him from childhood. Dean Hae Ryoon hires the beloved actress, Nam Ga-Bin, whose career he has followed, to teach at the university, bringing the two in welcomed routine contact. Mistresses aside, each couple has an achilles heel that brings about much unhappiness, could trigger divorce proceedings, and leave them all wondering just how much happiness are we entitled to in life?

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