My Lucky Princess (2022)

My Lucky Princess (2022)

Other name: Lord Wanfu Jun Zhu Wan Fu Wan Fu of the Princess


There is a secret curse on Beiyuan’s royal family. Their emperors are Ill-fated to die in their prime. Naturally, princes wishing to avoid being chosen as the crown prince and successor to the emperor do what they can to appear unworthy of said promotion. First Prince Xiao He and Second Prince Xiao Yu are no exception, partaking in useless and frivolous pursuits. They even sabotage their results in competitions so that the Third Prince will rise to the top. However, the arrival of Fu Qi, the Dongling princess has put a dent in Xiao He’s plans. Much to his chagrin, she is at cross-purposes with him, doing everything she can to ensure her husband-to-be does indeed ascend to the throne.



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