Prik Gub Klur (2021)

Prik Gub Klur (2021)

Other name: Pepper and Salt Phrik Kab Kluea


Ding decides to leave home in the name of furthering his education when his father brings back a woman despite his mother passing away a few days ago due to his father’s infidelity. Jeed who also has tension at home because of her father’s past infidelity, drives around without caring for the speed until she collides with Ding and causes him injury. Despite their bad first meeting, when Jeed’s car stops for no apparent reason after their collision, Ding fixes it for her. Somehow, after several other incidences, Ding is hired as their gardener and later as a mechanic at Jeed’s family’s car company. What starts as hate, slowly develops into friendship… and then something more.



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