Uncle (2021)

Uncle (2021)

Other name: Eongkeul


Joon Hyeok is an unpopular musician whose life has hit rock bottom. He had ended his relationship with his older sister Joon Hee when his nephew appeared before him. Soon after his parents went their separate ways, the boy had developed Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Joon Hyeok does not hesitate to take his nephew in and look after him. After 12 years of strife, Joon Hee divorced her physically abusive husband, at the same time ridding herself of her equally nasty mother-in-law. Joon Hee moves into an inexpensive apartment, keeping a low profile lest her former family finds her. The Royal State is a luxury apartment complex that has some noteworthy residents. Hye Ryeong is the much-respected president of the Mothers’ Committee. Committee member Yoo Ra very much admires her. Single father Kyeong Il is a warm and pleasant man who continues to raise his daughter since the passing of his wife.

Director: Director: Ji Young Soo


Status: Ongoing

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