Watashi no Shite Kurenai Pheromone Kareshi (2022)

Watashi no Shite Kurenai Pheromone Kareshi (2022)

Other name: 私のシてくれないフェロモン彼氏 わたしのシてくれないフェロモンかれし Watashi no Shite Kurenai Feromon Kareshi My Pheromone Boyfriend Who Won't Give Me My Pheromone Boyfriend Who Won’t Give Me


Mizukawa Rei is a 30-year-old single woman. She quits working for a real estate company and opens Art no Subscription Company with her friend. She has busy days working for her new company. One day, she visits a coworking space and meets 25-year-old freelance photographer Arima Shuto. They have have a good feelings for each other and decide to go out with each other.



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